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Libraries are backbone of any civilized society and heart of any academic institutions. Thus our library also acquires a prominent place among the students and faculty. Our library has a very rich collection of relevant books and journals. Library and Information Center provides students, staff and faculty members for updating their knowledge and supporting the research and teaching / learning activities. The library is truly the intellectual hub of the campus. Our Library and Information Center aims to offer effective services to its users to fulfil their learning needs in the field of Engineering, Science and Humanities through its user friendly facilities. Library is the heart of the institute. As heart supplies blood to all parts of the body. Library provides knowledge to all faculty and students. Library is a place of pride at GRWPT campus & an essential component of learning. The Library is fully computerized with E-Granthalaya Library management software. It helps in accessing a wide range of materials, in electronic version.

Library Staff

Sr No Staff Name Designation
1 B.P.Mulla Incharge Lib. Officer(Lecturer in Computer Engg.)
2 A.S.Patil Technical Lab Assistant
3 R.S.Jedhe Peon

Book Details

Sr No Course Name No of Titles No of Volumes Journal
1 Civil Engineering 217 1009 3
2 Computer Engineering 211 1493 2
3 Dress Designing & Garment Manufacturing 244 683 1
4 Electrical Engineering 153 785 1
5 Electronics & Telecommunication 143 1127 2
6 Information Technology 172 1513 1
7 Mechanical Engineering 242 1171 1
8 Science & Humanities 164 1553 3
9 General 1297 1306 0
10 Total 2843 10640 14